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About me

Greetings! I’m Nathan Kensington from Luton, UK. After years in the iGaming industry, I wanted to create something of my own that would also help players get an edge. Thus, Bookies Not on Gamstop was created.

But let’s take a few steps back. As a kid, I enjoyed both football and video games. Weekends where I would go watch a Luton Town match and then play PS1 and/or PC games were my favourites. Daggerfall from the Elder Scrolls series was my best time sink.

Nowadays, I am still a gamer but also a regular at my nearby indoor climbing gym. Physical activity is also extremely important, even though I discovered that late.

Let’s get back to gambling, though. After turning 18, I used to visit local betting shops on Saturday mornings and place 10-fold + parlays, hoping to score a huge win with just a small stake. A futile endeavour, as it turned out.

Thankfully, I now have a much better understanding of sports betting. Both as a bettor and as a professional working in the industry. I am actively employed in a gambling company, which I can not disclose for obvious reasons.

But trust me, I know first-hand how the UK scene is changing for the worse. The Gambling Commission is making the situation difficult for both operators and players. This is the main reason why Bookies not on Gamstop are becoming increasingly popular.

My team and I will do our best to ensure you join the most reputable offshore brands. Quality and safety are our top priorities. Enjoy responsibly!

Education and Career

After completing a bachelor's in economics from a UK university, I completed a master's in data science from the University of Tilburg, Netherlands. However, life in the Netherlands was not to my liking, so I returned to the UK.

I changed several jobs before becoming a Business Analyst in a large iGaming group. The insights I gained from this position sparked my interest in creating a website like this. So, at the moment, I still maintain this career, with Bookies not on Gamstop as my side hustle.

Areas of Focus

As the website owner I supervise all the processes and check everything before it gets uploaded. However I still write the majority of all the content and maintain contacts with the brands we collaborate.

Latest Articles


Do you play any casino games?

Yes, I enjoy placing wagers in game shows. Monopoly live is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Thoughts on UKGC Regulations?

They get worse every year. It is no wonder that so many brands have left the market. Not worth the hassle and potential fines.

What do you think will be the future of the UK gambling industry?

If the situation continues as it is now, more and more players, especially the younger ones, will head towards the unregulated grey market, where they can get more bang for their buck. As such, its size will slowly diminish.

What’s the future of iGaming?

Machine learning, combined with faster hardware and more ‘intrusive’ apps, will offer a totally personalized experience. If this will be a good thing or not, I am not yet sure.

Any advice for UK bettors?

Get yourself a crypto bankroll and start exploring crypto-friendly casinos and bookies (most of our recommendations accept crypto). They are the optimal way to access more brands and thus gain an edge.