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What Happens When Gamstop Ends

Many British players registered in the Gamstop exclusion program are unaware of what happens when Gamstop ends. In other words, they don’t know what the process is when their exclusion period wraps up and what they can do next. Can they return to their old accounts and resume their gambling activities, or should they pick bookmakers not on Gamstop? Are there any other exclusions that remain active after Gamstop? How to find more information about their Gamstop ban and is there a way to speed up exclusion?

In this article, we answer these questions and analyze Gamstop’s procedures that become active after your exclusion period ends. Moreover, we answer some of the most common queries related to Gamstop and the ending of the exclusion period. Read on to find out more.

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How Long Does Gamstop Last?

bypass-gamstopBefore considering applying for it, many players want to know this: how long does Gamstop last? Since it is a self-exclusion scheme, you can choose the length of your break. Now, understand that this is not a cool-off period, meaning the only available options are long-term ones. The only 3 options you can choose are six months, a year, or five years.

Note that you need to contact Gamstop after the exclusion period ends, or it will automatically be reactivated for an additional seven years. It won’t be possible to shut it off during this period, meaning you’ll have to wait for the additional period to end or look for independent online bookmakers.

How to Find Out When Gamstop Ends

withdrawal-timeTechnically speaking, you just need to remember the date when you decided to activate Gamstop and keep track. But you must contact Gamstop after exclusion to let them know that you’re ready to return to the gambling world.

For instance, if you decide to exclude yourself from Gamstop-listed gambling operators for a year on January 10th; just contact the customer support team of Gamstop on the same date next year, to let them know your exclusion period is over.

We understand this could become a challenging task if you exclude yourself for five years. Still, the point is that you’re in charge of your gambling activities with Gamstop and should take action instead of Gamstop nudging you that the exclusion period is over.

Of course, those wondering how to stop Gamstop can also find a couple of alternatives via bookies not on Gamstop.

How Does Gamstop Work

how-to-unistallGamstop is a comprehensive UKGC-associated self-exclusion scheme that includes all the operators licensed by the Gambling Commission. When someone decides that it’s time to take a pause from gambling, he can self-exclude via Gamstop; which will deny him access to all the locally-licensed brands operating in the country during the exclusion period.

How long does Gamstop last? It’s up to you to choose, with the available options being six months, a year and five years. This is a great option for problem gamblers. However, not everyone who gambles actually requires Gamstop’s services, as many users decide to self-exclude before actually realizing they don’t have a problem. In such cases, you can learn how to bypass Gamstop.

How Do I Know When My Gamstop Ends?

how-to-return-to-online-bettingGamstop will not contact you once your exclusion ends. In other words, you have to keep track of your exclusion period yourself and contact Gamstop’s customer support after exclusion. Please remember that failing to let the support team know that you want to stop your exclusion will result in a seven-year extension.

Ideally, you should make a note on a piece of paper or set the date in your calendar that’s precisely six months, a year, or five years from the date you decide to self-exclude (depending on the selected option).

How Long Does It Take to Remove Gamstop?

how-to-stop-gamstopImagine this situation: a year has passed, and your Gamstop exclusion ended. What to do next? After getting in touch with a customer support representative, there will be a 24-hour cool-off period, during which you need to consider whether you still want to return to gambling or not. If you decide to proceed, the agent will return all your accounts to online bookies and casinos. Of course, if you’re considering placing an important bet and cannot do so because of your exclusion, you can find football bookmakers not on Gamstop.

When Does My Gamstop End?

Your Gamstop ends once the selected exclusion time is up. There’s no way to remove Gamstop before that. But does Gamstop work, actually? When your exclusion is active, you’ll definitely not be able to access online gambling sites that are registered on the scheme. However, you’ll still have access to independent online bookies which are not included in Gamstop’s list.

How do I remove Gamstop safely?

It’s not possible to remove Gamstop before it expires. However, there’s a way to circumvent it by using another person’s account or registering at one of the internationally-licensed online bookies and casinos found on our site.

Is Gamstop applied to all my devices?

Yes, it applies to both desktop and mobile devices. Feel free to read other articles on our site to learn how Gamstop works and its main advantages and disadvantages.

How do I bypass Gamstop with ease?

The only way to bypass Gamstop is to join international and independent online bookies. Alternatively, you can consider using someone else’s account at domestic bookies, although you’d effectively break the law that way.

What should I do after my self-exclusion period ends?

Make sure to contact customer support at Gamstop to let them know that your exclusion period is over. Then it’s up to you if yo want to renew your subscription or simply want to resume your betting activities.