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How to Remove BetBlocker

Gambling can be fun and addictive at the same time. However, with the increasing number of addiction cases, there is a pressing need for extra actions to help problem gamblers and using BetBlocker is one such measure. This is a free app designed to help punters in need block their access to any gambling website. In most cases, this is a voluntary process. So, why do some players want to remove BetBlocker after registering?

Unfortunately, not many players understand how it works before installing the app. For some, they do it by accident. Others have no idea that it cannot be removed or cancelled once an active block is in place. So, the easiest way to undo this is to switch to bookies not on Gamstop. Among other options, we will review the best ways to handle a Bet Blocker situation so you can make your choice.

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What is a Bet Blocker

The BetBlocker app is available online as a free software designed to help players regulate their gambling activities. Most of these apps like BetBlocker are charity-based, and many variants exist for the same goal. Once the app is installed on a PC, the user will not be able to access over 13,000 websites globally. As new websites are launched, the database is also updated. Users also play a role in these updates by reporting sites that offer gambling activities not already on the list.

How to Uninstall BetBlocker Easily

delete-betblockerIrrespective of your device’s operating system, it is very easy to uninstall BetBlocker. On Mac devices, you can do so by moving the app to your trash. On Windows, you can uninstall the app by visiting your apps manager. However, it is essential to note that uninstalling the app does not change anything. BetBlocker cannot be removed once activated. So, even after uninstalling the app, you won’t be able to use any BetBlocker-affilated website. However, the easiest way on how to bypass Gamstop restrictions from using the BetBlocker app is to try bookies that don’t use it.

Advantages of removing the Bet Blocker App

BetBlocker app, as we already mentioned, is an essential tool that helps to keep problem gamblers in check. However, are there any benefits for players that opt to bypass BetBlocker? The answer is yes and below are some of the pros you can enjoy from removing the app.

⚡ You can start betting straight after you uninstall it

If your preferred approach to removing BetBlocker is by using bookies not on Gamstop, then you don’t have to wait long to start betting. These bookies are not a part of the program, so they are open to players anytime.

⚡ More payment methods available

As a part of the exclusion process, punters won’t be allowed to use credit cards once BetBlocker is activated. This cuts across UK-licensed bookmakers. So, if you want unlimited access to different payment methods like Visa, AMEX and Mastercard, you must remove the app.

⚡ Access both UK-licensed and non UK sites

With BetBlocker, players won’t be able to access any gambling-related websites. However, there are many sites not on BetBlocker known as independent online bookmakers. They are open to Brits as an alternative when there is an active exclusion. Also, players can use other means we have discussed to access UK-licensed sites.

Disadvantages when you Remove BetBlocker Windows App

BetBlocker is a very crucial tool that helps to keep players in check. We understand that some players mistakenly install the app without understanding the implications. However, when using BetBlocker, uninstall it, and you may likely encounter the following disadvantages.

❌ A possible addiction might come up

Gambling can be very addictive. Such tools as BetBlocker are specially designed to prevent players from getting addicted. It prevents players from accessing any gambling site for some time. That way, they gain control. So, when you disable it, you might end up with a possible addiction.

❌ Extensive loss of money

One of the significant indicators of problem gambling or addiction is financial difficulties. At this stage, all you care about is gambling. It doesn’t matter, even if you have been on a losing streak. You just keep placing bets with any money you come across. This can be a severe problem when gambling is not controlled using BetBlocker tools.

How to Delete BetBlocker Completely

Many players are probably wondering, how do I uninstall BetBlocker? Is it possible to delete the app entirely from my device? The answer is yes. You can uninstall the app in straightforward steps as follows:

Tap on the application icon many times

Grant administrative access & proceed to remove it by tapping OK when there is a popup alert

Click to uncheck the administrative access again

Drag the app to uninstall it

Meanwhile, remember that the BetBlocker app cannot be removed when there is an active exclusion. You have to wait until the exclusion period is over before removing it. So, if you are wondering how to stop Gamstop you might have to try other options.

Is BetBlocker safe to use?

delete-on-windowsAcross all devices, whether on PC or mobile, BetBlocker is safe and easy to use. Once you download the app, you can complete the installation by following the instructions in each popup window and granting permission access where applicable. However, there have been reported cases that BetBlocker doesn’t work sometimes owing to some technical issues. This is normal with most apps and such problems are resolved in no time. Aside from that, the tool is entirely safe for use. Once installed, players won’t be able to access thousands of betting sites over the entire duration of the exclusion.

What to do when Bet Blocker not working

bypass-betblockerAs we already mentioned, there are certain situations when you might experience technical issues using BetBlocker. You find yourself being able to access betting sites when you have an active exclusion in place. Once this happens, then there is a problem with the app. Sometimes, this might be because you did not turn on the VPN. It could also be a bug or something wrong with your browser. The best approach to fixing this issue is to close BetBlocker, remove or restart it repeatedly. As always, this helps. Once the app relaunches, the VPN comes up and the app works normally again.

How Do I Get Rid Of BetBlocker?

It is very easy to uninstall BetBlocker, just as we have described. However, you still won’t be able to access any gambling sites. But there are some decent alternatives to go about this, especially if you opted in by mistake or just can’t wait for the exclusion to end.

⭐ Visit Betting Sites Not on BetBlocker

There are over 13,000 bookies on BetBlocker that you won’t be able to access during an active exclusion. However, there are also thousands of football bookmakers not on Gamstop that offer bettors an excellent alternative. Once you have uninstalled the app, you can access these sites and place bets.

⭐ Play with someone else’s account

Another way to circumvent restrictions from BetBlocker is to use a friend’s account to place bets. Remember that this is an app, and once it is installed and activated on a device, this can’t be undone. So, even if you have your friend’s details, you still can’t use them on a device with the BetBlocker app. It has to be on another device entirely.

⭐ Bet on International Bookmakers

Another alternative is to skip UK-based bookies and turn your focus on international bookmakers. These sites will accept you once you have uninstalled the BetBlocker app, even when there is still an active exclusion.

BetBlocker Reviews from players

As always, our team takes into consideration the opinion and experiences of bettors across the world. There are positives and negatives and here are some of them:

female iconLisa: “I downloaded the app to see how it works. I decided to do a 5-day exclusion. However, even after another 4 days, I still cannot access those sites that have been blocked. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

male0John: “Since I installed this app on my device, my phone has been acting weird. It seems to be blocking everything as it cannot differentiate even sites not used for gambling activities. I am currently looking how to remove BetBlocker Android. Can anyone help me, please?”

female iconRose: “I have used BetBlocker a few times, and it works fine. Sometimes, I just set the exclusion for a few days, blocking all my favourite bookies. Even when I am tempted to try out new ones, it blocks them completely. Nice tool.”

Is it worth it to use BetBlocker?

Yes, BetBlocker is a handy tool for gamblers. The app helps keep players in check to prevent addiction and financial challenges. So, if you want to avoid these, the app is very beneficial.

Does BetBlocker block every online betting site?

Yes, the app is designed to recognise betting sites' URLs and inhibit users from accessing them. However, many new sites that might not be on the list are released daily. However, they try to stay up-to-date as much as possible.

Can I use VPN to bypass BetBlocker?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. VPN works on sites blocked due to location. However, with an active BetBlocker, VPN doesn't change anything. The only way out is to use a non Gamstop bookie.

Will my self-exclusion end if I remove the BetBlocker app?

Even after the Bet Blocker app has been removed from a device, it doesn't affect the active exclusion. Whether you are using the BetBlocker mobile app or that on your PC, it doesn't matter. The effect is the same.