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How to Bypass Gamstop

Gamstop self exclusion is a service rendered by UK-licensed bookmakers to help gambling addicts control their activities. The first thing to note about Gamstop is that it is an opt-in scheme. You must first decide to participate and self-exclude yourself from gambling. So, how is this a problem? Why are players always searching how to get around Gamstop?

Bettors are concerned because the entire exclusion process revolves around various limitations. When a player opts for an exclusion program, it results in different restrictions. It could be deposit limits, betting limits and, in some cases, a complete ban from any gambling activity. So, this is where bookies not on Gamstop come to the rescue. They make themselves available to every bettor looking for a way to bypass any restrictions a Gamstop betting site imposes. In the following sections, we will share more details about the pros and cons of these kinds of bookies.

How to get past Gamstop with Top Bookies 2023

Gamstop is a scheme meant to protect the interests of players. However, some punters opt-in without fully understanding the requirements. So, if you are looking for how to stop Gamstop, you can check out these top bookies.

The Best Ways on How to Beat Gamstop

If, for any reason, you are hit with a Gamstop restriction and you are looking how to get around self-exclusion, these are the best ways to go about it:

Visit bookmakers through a VPN

Accessing bookmakers using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a sure way to beat Gamstop restrictions. This tool allows punters to hide their public IP address when connected to web-based services. That way, when you access a bookie from which you have been banned, the server does not recognize your address, thereby allowing you to place bets.

Bet with international operators

Not all bookies that accept British punters have a local license from the UK Gambling Commission. Instead, there are many independent online bookmakers operating remotely that accept players from different parts of the world. These classes of bookies are a great alternative, particularly for Brits looking for ways around Gamstop.

Choose non Gamstop sportsbooks

Ideally, the best way to bypass Gamstop restrictions is to sign up at a non Gamstop sportsbook. With that, you have nothing to worry about whether or not you fully understand what these restrictions mean or how they can affect your freedom.

Create an account at no verification bookies

If you want to bypass Gamstop, you need a bookie that does not require verification, especially during registration. Most non-Gamstop bookies allow you to sign up, fund your account and bet without KYC verification. That way, you can play without any betting limits.

Wait for your self-exclusion to end

The last option we like to recommend, especially if you are already in an active exclusion program, is to wait it out. The usual time frame is 6 months, 1 year and 5 years. Once you set any of these time-frames, there is no going back. When it ends, contact the support team to start afresh.

Perks of Getting Around Gamstop

In the UK, many punters are looking for how to get round Gamstop. The process can be a little tricky. However, if you choose to do so, there are many perks to enjoy.

Higher betting limits

One of the many ways Gamstop brands control betting activities is through bet limits. If you want to bet without restrictions or enjoy higher betting limits, you need to use a non Gamstop bookie. It is mostly suitable for high rollers or punters with lowered limits in UK-licensed sportsbooks due to self-exclusion.

Anonymous sports betting

Football bookmakers not on Gamstop offer an excellent alternative for punters who enjoy anonymous sports betting. These bookies allow you to gamble off the radar, and if you have opted in on any self-exclusion scheme, it is undoubtedly a perfect way for those searching how to avoid Gamstop restrictions.

Access to international bookies & sports

One of the top benefits for players looking to bypass Gamstop is that they have access to many international bookies. There is a whole world of exotic options with loads of sporting events. These bookies include many other sporting events usually unavailable in UK-licensed Gamstop brands.

Credit cards are accepted for payments

Using credit cards comes with many benefits, and this is something that is missing in Gamstop sportsbooks. So, as you search for bookies to bypass Gamstop restrictions, this is another perk you will enjoy as you find a suitable alternative.

Cons when you Bypass Gamstop

As you look to get around Gamstop, it is crucial to mention that these restrictions have a purpose. So, while you enjoy some benefits from bypassing it, there are some drawbacks to expect.

Not always reliable websites

Many bookies are taking advantage of the increasing demand for punters to get around Gamstop. At this point, it is difficult to differentiate a credible bookie from a scam. So, this can pose a severe risk, especially to newbies or problem gamblers, as they risk getting scammed.

Non responsive customer support

If you want to use an international bookie to bypass Gamstop, then be prepared to play independently. Many of these sites have a poor support system. In most cases, the live chat module is not functional, which means you won’t be able to get instant feedback on your queries. Likewise, the overall response rate is quite questionable.

Unclear T&Cs on some bookies

A critical challenge you might encounter as you search for a Gamstop alternative is understanding their T&Cs. As we have mentioned, many of these sites are out to scam players. They include some unclear terms making it difficult for players to understand.

Is there a way around Gamstop?

how-to-stop-gamstopLuckily, there are many ways to get around Gamstop restrictions. Whether you opted in by mistake or you are tired of the limits and restrictions, it doesn’t matter. You can wait it out or try some of the top-rated international betting sites on our list. Waiting is difficult, especially if you opted in by mistake or selected the wrong exclusion period. In that case, you might want to consider a way around it.

One of the safest and easiest ways to bypass Gamstop is to register at a non Gamstop bookie. With this, you can enjoy more sports and a wider range of betting options. Another way is to use a VPN or a bookie that does not require KYC verification, especially during registration.

In general, whichever way you choose to go is up to you. There is absolutely nothing illegal about it based on what we have discussed.

What details to change to Get Around Gamstop

bypass-gamstopThere are many ways to get past Gamstop. However, if you still prefer Gamstop operators and have no intention of switching to an international bookmaker or using a VPN, here is an excellent way to go about it.

You start by adjusting your details previously used in the Gamstop exclusion scheme. These changes must be minimal so there is no room for suspicion. You may only need to alter your email and tweak your name arrangement. For instance, use Frank instead of Franklin. This is you trying to bypass Gamstop in a sportsbook where you have an active self-exclusion running.

However, there are many bookmakers without verification that can make this easier for you. You don’t need to change your details if you use these bookies.

How to gamble when on Gamstop: Our verdict

no-gambling-restrictionsFor punters wondering how they can get around Gamstop, there are many ways to do so. If you are already on an active exclusion, depending on how much time is left, you can decide to wait until the time elapses. However, there are many other legal options available. For example, you can start afresh on a non Gamstop bookie. This is the easier way to go about it.

Other options include using a VPN or making changes to your details so they don’t know it’s the same person. In the end, you can use any of the options that are most comfortable for you.

Is it safe to gamble during your self-exclusion?

It depends on why you are on exclusion in the first place. If you opted in by mistake, then it is safe. However, if you have betting issues, we advise you to think about it twice.

Can you get around Gamstop?

Yes, it is easy to get around Gamstop. You can use a non Gamstop bookie or any of the various alternatives we have discussed.

Will Gamstop work if I change my name/address?

Yes, this is a good alternative for players looking for how to get around Gamstop UK. By making some changes to your name and address, you can bypass the previous Gamstop exclusion.

Can I get deposits back if registered with Gamstop?

Whether Gamstop or non Gamstop bookies, requesting a chargeback is considered illegal. Most bookies state in their T&Cs how they handle such situations. In some cases where it is tolerated, you risk losing some money.

How to gamble when self-excluded?

The best way is to look for a new non Gamstop bookie and start a new gambling adventure. You can also use any of the alternative options we have suggested.