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How to Stop Gamstop

For players looking for the best ways how to cancel Gamstop, that can be a very difficult task. Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that forms a significant part of the UKGC requirements for responsible online gambling activities. It aims to protect players, especially against addiction. So, once you are in, there is no way to cancel or do a Gamstop reversal. Sometimes, players don’t realize how long they must wait till their self-exclusion period is over. In some cases, they have no idea that it cannot be reversed.

In the end, many players, after accepting this fact opt for bookies not on Gamstop to continue their betting activities. So, if you are looking for ways to remove Gamstop, you have come to the right place. Your best move is to use a non Gamstop betting site. These sites offer various perks, and we will share all the details below.

How to Reverse Gamstop with the Best Sites

Ways on How to Get Off Gamstop

bypass-gamstopNot every player who opts for Gamstop exclusion is fully aware of how it works. Some players don’t realize how much it is to wait for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. Imagine that you opted to self-exclude for 5 years, thinking that you could cancel self exclusion anytime. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way which is why many punters are always searching for other options to cancel Gamstop.

You can contact the support team to take you off the scheme if the minimum exclusion period is over. However, if the scheme is still active, your best move is to opt for independent online bookmakers without any Gamstop restrictions. You can also decide to use a VPN tool so you can stay anonymous. Another option is to have a friend open a new account in the same bookie where you have been excluded so you can place your bets from there.

What are the advantages when you remove Gamstop?

For many reasons, players always look for the best and most straightforward ways to stop Gamstop. Suppose you are wondering why that’s, because it comes with many advantages. So, if you are considering how to bypass Gamstop, here are some likely benefits to enjoy.

⚡ Ability to explore international bookmakers

The Gamstop exclusion network cuts across all UKGC-licensed bookies. So, you cannot bet on UK-regulated brands while the exclusion is active. However, when you remove Gamstop, it means you are looking to explore international bookies. They offer more bonuses and sporting events which are additional perks.

⚡ Bypass self-exclusion and get back to betting

Removing Gamstop offers you the chance to go on with your betting activities like you never went on a break. So, you don’t have to wait months or years to complete the exclusion before you can bet online again. That’s a massive relief for many Brits.

⚡ Higher betting limits

Most Gamstop bookmakers set different limits, which can be frustrating. However, you enjoy higher betting limits when you remove Gamstop by accessing international bookmakers. With this freedom, you can make more money from placing huge bets.

⚡ Fast KYC and registration procedures

Another vital benefit to enjoy when you stop Gamstop by choosing to use football bookmakers not on Gamstop is that they have a speedy and straightforward KYC verification process. Also, the verification process is not a part of the registration process as in most Gamstop operators.

Major Disadvantages of Gamstop Removal

UK-licensed brands set Gamstop restrictions to protect players from becoming addicted. So, why remove yourself from the scheme before Gamstop exclusion ended? As expected, there are some consequences to bear in mind.

❌ May lead to gambling addiction

Unlike Gamstop operators that set limits, most offshore bookmakers allow punters to enjoy much higher freedom. So, if you have been excluded because of this, then cancelling the self-exclusion so you can use no limit bookmakers can result in gambling addiction.

❌ Could negatively impact your financial status

When a player is addicted to gambling, he can do anything to get funds and place his bets. On Gamstop sportsbooks, this is where the exclusion program and bet limits come in handy. However, such players are vulnerable when using an offshore bookie, which can negatively impact their financial status.

Can you Remove Gamstop safely?

it-it-safe-cancel-gamstopIf you are wondering how to remove Gamstop or whether this can be done safely, you should know it is not that simple. Ideally, it is impossible to remove Gamstop once active. Hence, you have to wait until the exclusion period ends.

Meanwhile, removing Gamstop comes with many risks, even in non Gamstop bookies. For problem gamblers, it could result in addiction and affect their financial status. So, before you think about removing any Gamstop restrictions, especially by joining an offshore bookie; you should pause for a moment and consider the risks.

Can I Stop Gamstop?

how-to-stop-gamstopCan you cancel Gamstop when the exclusion period is still active? No, you cannot cancel a functional Gamstop restriction in a UK-licensed bookmaker until the exclusion period is completed. Once the period is over, contact the support team, and your account will be removed from the list within 24 hours.

However, if you cannot wait, the best option is to start afresh on a non Gamstop betting site. Such sites are not bound by local laws to stop any player from placing his bets. Another option is to use VPN to mask your IP address. That way, you can still bet on Gamstop bookmakers without being noticed. There are many other ways to cancel Gamstop, but it has many risks. As always, we advise that you weigh your options before making the final decision.

How do I cancel Gamstop?

The easiest way to cancel Gamstop is to see it out. However, if you cannot wait, you can use a non Gamstop bookie, try a VPN, use a friend's account, or make changes to your account’s info.

Can I remove myself from Gamstop?

It is impossible to remove yourself from an active Gamstop exclusion. You can look for alternatives to bypass it using any of the options we have discussed above.

Looking how to take yourself off Gamstop?

There are many ways to go about it. You can start by using a non Gamstop bookie, like the ones we recommend above, and enjoy a seamless betting experience away of Gamstop restrictions.

Cancel Gamstop: self-excluded but still allowed to bet?

If you are self-excluded on a Gamstop sportsbook, you cannot place any bets on other Gamstop sites. However, you will be allowed to bet if you use a non Gamstop bookmaker.

Can I reverse self-exclusion?

No, self-exclusion cannot be reversed, even if it was done in error. Many players have fall victim to this and will either have to wait or use an alternative site.